Mt.St.Henry’s High School Mukono

Mt. St. Henry’s High School Mukono

Aspiration For Excellence


Mt. St. Henry’s High School Mukono was opened in 2009 by highly experienced managers, spear headed by Mr. Kasozi Robert.

The major vision of these proprietors was to lend a hand to the Government, create job opportunities and provide quality education to the children of Uganda as a way of fighting against illiteracy, which two problems are pulling our mother land Uganda in the category of the low developed countries.

The school stands on four strong pillars that we cherish and make our products unique when they go out in the world. These are:



To develop quality education for students in a humane and religious environment.


To be a leading mixed boarding secondary school in the country producing independent, creative, morally upright and academically excellent citizens.


  1. Admission Fee


  2. Boarding Fee for S1,S2 & S3
    1,100,500/=(Bank charge inclusive)


  3. Boarding Fee for S5           
    1,203,000/=(Bank charge inclusive)


  4. Fees day section for S1,S2,S3 & S5
    701,000/=(Bank charge inclusive)

School Requirements – 581,000/=

(Uniform (Two Pairs), School Sweater, School Identity Card, School Tie, Hymn Book 2 T-Shirts (Domestic wear), Development Fee, Contribution to laboratory practicals Visitation Card, SESEMAT & UNSA, Hair Trimming, Contribution to library).

Other Requirements 

  1. Report with a true Parent/Guardian.
  2. Report card from your former school.
  3. Three passport size photographs for the student and two for the parent/guardian.
  4. A ream of photocopying papers (Double A),10 rolls of toilet papers and 2 rugs(Towel type)
  5. A knife & 3 litres of Jik 6 Re-usable masks which are well labeled.
  6. 2 pairs of black leather shoes and 6 pairs of white long stockings for Girls and grey stocking for boys, 1 pair of canvas shoes for sports, 1 pair of open shoes for domestic use (not crocs).
  7. Three long black skirts for girls (Caribbean) and 3 pairs of black trousers for boys (not tight fitting, not tubed and not jeans) for domestic wear.
  8. A recommendation of having been immunized against Hepatitis B and screened for TB from a recognized hospital.


The ICT department has a fully furnished computer laboratory with qualified staff who are always available to guide and teach practically the young generation how to use computers in day to day life and also for examination purposes.

The school has running water at all times and specious classes and dormitories. The medical services are well developed with a visiting Doctor and full time nurses to attend to any students’ health challenges. The school is a home away from home. The environment within the school is calm and conducive for academic work.

A Successful student.

At Mt.St.Henry’s High School Mukono we believe that excellence in the classroom, in terms of both effort and achievement, is the key ingredient in making a successful school. However, we are also a family and that makes itself very clear in the day to day life of the school.

Great Experience We Offers .

Extra co-curricular activities.



On the other hand, the specific application of gaming in our education generates a lot of benefits in the learning process. Generally, they help teach and develop the children’s soft skills. They indeed may increase the children’s sense of self esteem and improve socialization skills, leadership skills and team building.


Music, Dance and drama.

We have different activities at our school, Each of these arts activities engages the learner's whole development: cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally. Learning in, about and through the arts involves active learning that unifies mind and body, with emotion and intellect, object and subject .



We have Social clubs, academic clubs, debating clubs, scouting, interact club, writers club, Red cross, Legion of Mary, Young Christian Society (YCS), Do It Yourself club and Nkobazambogo club.

The three steps at Mount.

In an age where Google has become a verb, knowledge has become a commodity available to all. At Mt. St. Henry's High School Mukono we educate for sustainability by developing in our students the ability and the desire:


Safety at School

For safety at our school, you should feel that you meet or exceed our requirements. Your test scores should fall on the high end (or exceed)



• To think critically, flexibly and creatively
• To learn continuously
• To work hard
We do this with a team of passionate and engaged teachers who are themselves lifelong learners.


Students Innovation

We make significant and meaningful use of technology as an enabler for teaching and learning. Cutting-edge strategies conversant with the latest research into learning and the brain guide and inform our practice. We use our incomparable estate as an outdoor classroom

"I have taken a tour around the school, i have talked to some teachers i cant wait to bring my child to this wounder-full school"


Fewer, longer lessons allow for greater engagement, promoting deeper learning. Join us for a bright future.

We pride ourselves on having a plan for each boy wherein we acknowledge and cater to his unique nature. Lessons are engaging, compelling and varied.

Youth drug usage in Uganda is a developing problem that needs immediate response. Drug abuse and addiction have serious repercussions for both individuals and society at large. Schools have a crucial role in tackling this issue and can considerably help in the fight against drug usage as narcotics continue to permeate communities.

Ugandan schools must implement a holistic strategy that emphasizes prevention, education, and support if they are to successfully tackle drug misuse. Here are some tactics that schools might employ to combat drug misuse among young people in Uganda.

Education and Awareness Programs: Comprehensive drug education programs that accurately convey the risks of drug abuse should be given top priority in schools. Age-appropriate material that emphasizes both the immediate and long-term effects of drug use should be included in these programs. To include students and encourage conversations on the subject, you can arrange for guest speakers, workshops, and interactive sessions.

Early Intervention and Screening: To identify students who may use drugs, schools can implement early intervention programs. The detection of warning indicators, such as adjustments in behavior, academic performance, or social interactions, might be aided by routine screens and assessments. Students who exhibit indicators of drug abuse or vulnerability should get counseling and support from teachers and trained counselors.