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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Youth drug usage in Uganda is a developing problem that needs immediate response. Drug abuse and addiction have serious repercussions for both individuals and society at large. Schools have a crucial role in tackling this issue and can considerably help in the fight against drug usage as narcotics continue to permeate communities.

Ugandan schools must implement a holistic strategy that emphasizes prevention, education, and support if they are to successfully tackle drug misuse. Here are some tactics that schools might employ to combat drug misuse among young people in Uganda.

Education and Awareness Programs: Comprehensive drug education programs that accurately convey the risks of drug abuse should be given top priority in schools. Age-appropriate material that emphasizes both the immediate and long-term effects of drug use should be included in these programs. To include students and encourage conversations on the subject, you can arrange for guest speakers, workshops, and interactive sessions.

Early Intervention and Screening: To identify students who may use drugs, schools can implement early intervention programs. The detection of warning indicators, such as adjustments in behavior, academic performance, or social interactions, might be aided by routine screens and assessments. Students who exhibit indicators of drug abuse or vulnerability should get counseling and support from teachers and trained counselors.