Mt.St.Henry’s High School Mukono

Our Valuess.


To be a leading mixed boarding secondary school in the country producing independent, creative, morally upright and academically excellent citizens

Mission Statement

To develope quality education for
students in a humane and religious

Our Objectives

The school aims at achieving four cardinal objectives in order to fulfill its Vision.

  • To mould our students into God fearing citizens.
  • To attain a high degree of academic standards.
  • To instill a sense of leadership and responsibility in the students.
  • To create a sense of self esteem and respect for each other.

Bishop's Visit 2019
Mt.St.Henry's High School Mukono

Drama School festival 2019
Mt.St.Henry's High School Mukono

Mt.St.Henry's High School Mukono


  • To mould our students intoGod fearing individuals.
    In Mt. St. Henry’s High School Mukono this is deep seated in the hearts of all because we know in God everything is possible and that the fear of God is the source of wisdom. This drives all those in charge of disseminating knowledge the learners to do it with love and in a friendly way; hence the mission statement which states: “To provide quality education in a humane and religious environment”. This makes us associate with all those religious beliefs that preach the gospel of unity, peace and love for one another.

  • Moral uprightness.
    In Mt. St. Henry’s High School Mukono discipline is paramount and we believe that it is the key to success in all aspects of life. This is mainly promoted through school programs like co-curricular activities: sports, games; music, dance and drama. Apart from discipline and body physical fitness these activities enable the students to be close to their teachers and hence bridging the gap between teachers and students.

  • To attain a high degree of academic standard.
    Academic excellence is another value that we fuel all the time to ensure that the banner of our school flies high. In this area teachers are always available for the students to consult and career guidance talks are well incorporated in the school programmes. We have an ideology that all students can perform once given appropriate academic tools and guided properly, hence ourMotto; Aspiration for excellence.

  • Responsible leadership.
    In Mt. St. Henry’s High School everybody is a leader and there is a general concern for one another. Counseling students over self-esteem, respect to authority and others are some of the aspects highly emphasized. As leaders, they are always advised to be innovative, confident and work towards being role models in society. This done to back up our vision which states: “To be a leading mixed secondary school in the country producing independent, creative, morally upright and academically excellent citizens.
    Mt. St. Henry’s High School Mukono is a catholic based school. However it welcomes students from all other religions, therefore apart from the academic curriculum, our students are taught the values of the fear of God and prayer. This is embedded in them through attending mass on Sundays for the Roman Catholic, service for the Anglicans led Reverands and Moslems who get Juma prayers on Fridays.

The strong commitment to academic excellence is balanced by a diverse and rich extra-curricular cultural and sporting programme, to produce young individuals who are inquiring, enthusiastic, tolerant and resilient. We nurture today’s children to lead tomorrow’s world rightly trained in body, mind and character.

Youth drug usage in Uganda is a developing problem that needs immediate response. Drug abuse and addiction have serious repercussions for both individuals and society at large. Schools have a crucial role in tackling this issue and can considerably help in the fight against drug usage as narcotics continue to permeate communities.

Ugandan schools must implement a holistic strategy that emphasizes prevention, education, and support if they are to successfully tackle drug misuse. Here are some tactics that schools might employ to combat drug misuse among young people in Uganda.

Education and Awareness Programs: Comprehensive drug education programs that accurately convey the risks of drug abuse should be given top priority in schools. Age-appropriate material that emphasizes both the immediate and long-term effects of drug use should be included in these programs. To include students and encourage conversations on the subject, you can arrange for guest speakers, workshops, and interactive sessions.

Early Intervention and Screening: To identify students who may use drugs, schools can implement early intervention programs. The detection of warning indicators, such as adjustments in behavior, academic performance, or social interactions, might be aided by routine screens and assessments. Students who exhibit indicators of drug abuse or vulnerability should get counseling and support from teachers and trained counselors.