Mt.St.Henry’s High School Mukono


 The dream to start this great school was a family initiative way back in 2003. The family of Mr. John Sekirabi [my Dad] had a strong passion to have a family project whose major aim was:

Job creation for our immediate community, especially given the challenge we saw then, and today, of ably qualifying citizens struggling to find gainful employment due to our harsh economic environment, amidst the numeous prevailing political and social-cultural challenges.

To utilize the services of an experienced and seasoned headteacher, notably, a family member who was ready to offer technical support, Mr. Kitts B, Kayizzi. (Mr.Kayizzi has been an education consultant for over 45 years.)

To foster linkages between serving staff [teachers and support staff] the parents’ body, and the community of students in this country.
To generate additional income for the proprietors, having satisfied the needs of parents and students.
 In pursuit of the above aims, a number of commercial ventures were considered including the erection of a hotel, rental units, investments in transport, building a hospital/clinic etc, but the initiating committee finally settled for the school, given that it best served all of the listed aims.
As an elder in the family,  and also a key vision bearer, I was entrusted with the task of spearheading the project and seeing it come to light. I readily took up this responsibility.

Mr. Robert Kasozi

Ms. Nakalembe Teopista.

Philosophers glory in Socrates and worthily so his wisdom defies time. We in Mt St Henry’s High school Mukono glory in the wisdom and ingenuity of Mr. Kasozi and all the   dedicated   founders of this school an institution the leaven of time is slowly baking to size. You ladies and gentlemen; blessed be the day you were born and more blessed be the day you conceived the idea of beginning this school. Blessed be you parents and blessed be your ingenuity. Faith can move mountains, but wisdom and ingenuity can flatten them. You have flattened the mountain of educational problems that our parents face. They have an affordable school where their children will bask in the sunshine of mental liberation.

The more so we should praise God who not only created Mr. Kasozi and family, but also who inspired our founders with the idea of creating this institution (a light to the nation, a fountain of knowledge and the fear of the Lord God.) Indeed as we aspire for excellence, we aspire for virtue, Godly wisdom and the liberation of human from the darkness of hatred and the venom of envy and jealousy. We train the children to love each other and to share; no man is an island. In this way we assist them to assist each other towards admirable academic achievements, and in future worldly gains. Like St Henry led men to worldly and Devine freedom, we teach them to defend civilization and justice like real soldiers.

What else can we say, after all, it’s the fear and the love of God that have brought us this far. Let us proclaim it to the house tops. Within a span of six years, the school population has steadily swelled to 1200.Our results quality is becoming more refined by hard work and Devine assistance. Where other people toil nail out unassisted, with Devine assistance we labor alongside God he makes all our endeavors plain sailing.  He does it all for us as we carry the lighter side of the load; He carries the heaviest, sometimes he carries us with the load, a walk with God makes a mile an inch. Blessed be his name forever. He raises the lowly and sends the rich away empty.

Dear parents, teachers and students of Mt. St. Henry’s High School Mukono, your work is not in vain; you are the light of Uganda; no man lights a candle and covers it up in a basket. Stand out distinct, broad shoulders and necks high of all to see that you are the whole world of difference;  for those who love good to imitate you and those who wroth good to hate you . Shakespeare noted “people learn to hate those they fear most”.


Welcome to Mt.St. Henry’s High School Mukono. This school is catholic founded and accepted students from the recognized faith of Uganda. Though the 2020 march caused a commercial break in the education calendar of the year we thank God for his mercies because come October a relief came by. I believe the Covid19 break was heaven to remain us to take a break and also explore ways of passing on educational skills to our learners in case going to school physically was to be delayed.

In this new error Mt.St. Henry’s is one of those schools that adopted some new systems of delivering information to the youngsters of today’s generation. We have one two three and five. skilling classes will be continued as each stage of class return to school.
Administration of the school curriculum is not done by only the school administration but we also have school parent’s committees that have been very influential in implementing strategies and school policies.
I would like to also take this opportunity to appreciate the committee that leads Influential in implementing strategies and school policies.
I would like to also take this opportunity to appreciate the committee that leads the old students association. thank you for always being in touch with the school. The professionals that have always come down to encourage the “A Levelers” that they can make it just as they did. 
On behalf of the school, I want to appreciate all the parents that allowed the school to mentor their children since 2009. Thank you so much. We would like to inform you that Mt.St. Henry’s High School is still receiving students at both A-Level and O-Level. The school needs to keep growing and that is one of the ways of ensuring growth.
We would also like to encourage private and group sponsors of secondary going students that we are ready to partners with the in Educating the children of Uganda in order for them to have a brighter future













"It is not what one knows but what one does with what one knows that is significant." (Anon)